One Small Appliance Every Kitchen Should Have

Do you love to cook, or just plain have to cook for your family? There are tons of gadgets that are available to make your cooking time shorter, faster and easier. This one appliance I recommend does not actually bake, or air fry, or poach or anything fancy like that.

Why I Think This Appliance Is Essential

The majority of cooking time is prep. Chopping, dicing, cutting. If you have the time set aside to do prep, cooking is fun. Rushing to get something cooked for dinner? Not fun. The best solution is to prepare ahead when you have the free time, but cutting up veggies and other things days ahead can lead to your veggies drying out and getting soggy. The solution to prepping ahead and preserving your food? Get rid of the air.

What Air Does To Food

Most bacteria, the stuff that starts the food spoilage race, need air to thrive. There are some that don’t, but that is another story. When you cut up veggies ahead of time, you essentially break apart the protective coating that vegetables have (the skin), and allow the bacteria that cause the decaying process to come in quicker. So a whole onion will last a lot longer in your fridge than a diced one. Also,when the food is cut up, it allows the natural moisture to be moved, especially in a refrigerator which dehydrates the food.

How To Get Rid Of Air That Feeds Bacteria

By now you must have figured out that the appliance I am talking about is none other than a vacuum sealer, more commonly known as a FoodSaver. These handy little devices come in many different models from the basic seal it and shut up model to the bells and whistles model.

Using the food saver to make compressed water melon

Which Model Should I Get?

If you are going to put out the money for a vacuum sealer, I highly recommend that you invest in the models with more options, because in the long run, it’s going to pay back for it self by saving you a ton of money.

Aren’t The Accessories Expensive?

In this post I am dealing with the FoodSaver** brand specifically because that is the brand that I use and I am not familiar with the other brands. The prices for the sealer themselves can vary from $80.00 to $160.00 on Amazon. The bag rolls cost about $25.00 for a pack of three rolls. Each roll runs about 16ft long and if you do your average bag of 1 ft, then you will get 30 bags from the three rolls on average. You’re looking at about $0.83 per bag. That can work out to be a little high, but if you use the bags sensibly, you can reuse them many times over.

How To Get Around The Cost Of Replacement Bags

I personally avoid using the bags as much as possible, mostly because of the cost and the waste. Lots of plastic in the environment already. To get around that, I invested in a case of Ball jars. Those are canning jars used for canning vegetables. There is an attachment available for the food saver called the jar sealer, and you can vacuum seal anything in those jars and help preserve the item. The jars come in sizes from 4oz to 8 cups. I seal rice, cereal, flour, spices, just about anything in those things, and the jars are reusable, dishwasher safe and some are freezer friendly too.

Sealing a ball jar with the jar attachment

How Is It Going To Save Me Money?

It’s going to save you money and time by preserving your prep items which you can make ahead of time. It will also save your left overs longer than if you just wrapped it in plastic wrap. Items you freeze that are vacuum will last much longer in the freezer and will avoid getting freezer burn (to avoid freezer burn best, you should use the bags). If you purchase your food in bulk, vacuum pack all that food and it will all last way longer than just sitting in your freezer or cupboard. It’s one of the essential items in a doom day prepper’s tool kit.

** I am in no way affiliated with or compensated by FoodSaver.

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